Friday, 22 August 2014

Casual Chic

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Today is part two of my back to school wishlist. How stylish of a student would you be in this outfit!? Plus you can transition these pieces from summer to fall, maybe even winter, by simply adding a few pieces. Pull out that chambray blouse for under the dress, throw on a pair of tights with brown leather boots and you are good to go! No joke, I think this might be my favorite outfit ever (my birthday is in two months, hint hint!). If I wasn't saving for our condo I would probably own this outfit already, but for now I will just continue to hardcore swoon over these items and pray that I win the lottery. Thanks for reading! 

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Glaming Back to School

Back to school outfit

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See what I did there, with the name? Pretty punny isn't it. 
Now that I have that out of my system. I wanted to share with you my dream outfit for back to school (College). I finished my post graduate program two years ago and although I am thrilled to have graduated and started my career, there is something I miss about the excitement of going back to school. I always loved shopping for new pieces and planning out all of my outfits for the first week of school. With that in mind I have decided to share some of my picks for what I would wear if I could do it all again, starting with this glam look. Stay tuned for more of my favorite looks. Thanks for reading!
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Monday, 18 August 2014

Anthropologie // Fall Style

Last week I had the opportunity to stop by Anthropologie to check out their new fall fashions. As much as I am a summer girl through and through, I am a sucker for fall. I love the rich, warm colors and cozy knits. As we transition into September, I am looking for those perfect pieces to bring my wardrobe from summer to fall and Anthropologie has nailed it! If you are in the market for some great transition pieces, or just looking to add some fun pieces to your wardrobe for fall, be sure to stop by Anthropologie for a personal styling session between now and November 12 2014. Anthropologie is offering a 15% discount to Sparkle and Shine On readers. Simply mention the rewardStylexAnthropologie event at any of the four Toronto Anthropologie stores for your discount. Booking an in-store personal styling session is super simple. Go to the Anthropologie website, fill out this form, and choose 'in-store"

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Engagement photo

Blue Ray-ban aviators

White linen dress

White linen dress


Where he proposed!

Engagement ring photo

So excited!!

Seriously, he picked the perfect vintage inspired ring. Infinity knot and all!

White linen dress
d.RA Dress | Birkenstock Sandals | Fossil Watch | Ray-ban Sunglasses | NARS Lipstick
Josh and I are engaged and couldn't be happier! Saturday, August 2nd was the best day. Josh planned out a whole day date for us and surprised me by proposing at the top of our favorite waterfall. He is the most thoughtful man I know and organized everything down to the smallest detail. On top of all of that, he has had the ring, and this plan, since February and kept it a secret from everyone so he wouldn't ruin the surprise. I sure would not want to play poker against him because he has one heck of a poker face!
We have been dating for four and a half years and had been talking about getting engaged for a while now. We had gone and looked at rings about a year ago so I knew that it would happen sometime within the next year or so but I certainly didn't expect this and it couldn't have been better. 
On Friday afternoon while I was at work he contacted my parents and asked if he could meet with them to ask their permission. When I got home from work that night they quickly jetted out the door and were out for most of the night. They were both so excited they could hardly stand to talk to me because they were so nervous they would blow it. I found out later that my dad almost did blow it by getting champagne and putting it in the fridge on Friday night; thankfully my mom noticed and hid it in our basement. 
Saturday morning started with us going out to breakfast at Ben and Florentine, one of our favorite breakfast joints in the area. Side note, I had the most amazing New York style french toast. Josh had suggested we go to Hilton Falls earlier in the week and since it is my favorite place to go for a hike, and we hadn't gone in a while, I was really looking forward to going. The forecast was calling for rain that afternoon so we had an earlier breakfast in order to make it to the falls and back before the rain started. As we were driving to the conservation area the sky was looking darker and darker but we decided to go anyhow. I should probably also mention that Josh suggested we take blog photos that day and encouraged me to wear a summer dress. since it's a really tame hike to the falls it wasn't a real stretch to wear a dress and sandals. As we were starting the walk to the falls Josh was taking photos and we were chatting. He kept asking me questions about things I am going to look forward to when we live together (we bought a new build and are going to move in some time next summer). Turns out he was trying to steer the conversation to get me to talk about special moments we would have together, but I wasn't really getting it. 
Once we arrived at the falls we crossed over to the far side where we often go. We stood at the top of the falls for a while looking out at the view and talking. He was eventually able to steer the conversation the way he wanted and while we were standing at the top of the falls he reached into his backpack and said he had a gift for me. He pulled out a mid-sized white cardboard box and handed it to me. When I opened the box all I saw was a whole lot of tissue paper. Under all that tissue was small round container with a jeweled stiletto on top, wrapped in a hot pink bow. When I got a good look at the container I noticed it had our initial engraved on it with a heart. As I removed the bow and took off the lid Josh dropped to one knee and I finally realized exactly what was happening. Honestly, I was so flustered I don't remember exactly what he said other than 'Marry Me'. I cried happy tears, which Josh said was his goal, and laughed because right where he knelt was on a big tree stump and he was wobbling all over. We spent a few minutes after just enjoying being engaged and on our own, so we thought. 
Once we got to the other side of the falls where the main lookout is a man came over to us and said he had noticed what was happening and started taking pictures. He took down Josh's email address, snapped a few photos of Josh and I together and congratulated us. We are so grateful to him for having taken some photos and sent them to us, I cannot express how much we appreciate it! 
We spent the next four hours just relaxing by the falls and touring around the conservation grounds without anyone, aside from the strangers who saw what happened, knowing we were engaged. I highly recommend that if you can take time to enjoy it with just the two of you that you do; that time together was so special and is something I will never forget. 
Wowie, you made it through all that!? I am impressed! Now onto wedding planning time, which I am so excited for. Since I make a living as an event planner, I would love to hear from you about what kind of planning info you would like to read about. Venue bookings, budget planning, color schemes, you name it! Thank you so much for reading and sharing in this special time in our lives! xo   
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Thursday, 31 July 2014

In Pink

Top: SheInside (similar)  | Shorts: Tommy Hilfiger | Purse: Tory Burch | Sunglasses: Prada
Necklace: Gigglosophy | Wedges: Call It Spring 

Pink, blue and white are my go-to's in my closet. So much so that in my, colour coded, closet I have them closest to the center so they are easy to grab. When paired together it's an easy summer look, perfect to take you from day to night. Thanks for reading!

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